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Penn Engineering

Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

The Challenge

PennEngineeringPennEngineering is a technology and manufacturing firm that has been providing fastening solutions for compact electronics, automotive electronics, data, telecom and more since 1942.  The PennEngineering portfolio includes PEM®, PROFIL®, HEYCO® PennAuto® and other leading brands. At PennEngineering, an important area of focus is environmental responsibility. PennEngineering aims
to promote carbon neutral practices by employing energy efficiency and improvement initiatives, reducing Scope 2 emissions through renewable power opportunities, and better waste management and water consumption practices.

Aligned with the recent shift towards sustainable products and value chain decarbonization across the globe, PennEngineering has begun to receive requests from their customers to share their scope 1 and scope
2 emissions to aid in value chain emissions tracking and enable decarbonization.

To respond to these customer requests and position the company as a leader in sustainability, PennEngineering elected to adopt a corporate-wide process to collect and calculate scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions across all manufacturing and technical facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

A major challenge with this commitment is that the vast majority of PennEngineering’s global manufacturing facilities had never calculated or tracked GHG emissions. To ensure appropriate carbon accounting methodologies aligned with global standards were employed, PennEngineering reached out to SINAI to guide the company through the process of developing an inventory, in a fashion that could be repeatable annually for the business

SINAI's Approach


First Time GHG Inventory Development Support

With SINAI’s Customer Success and Climate Change Experts taking the lead, customized data collection templates were developed for PennEngineering to gather scope 1 and scope 2 activity data from global operations. To ensure all required activity data was recorded, SINAI worked with PennEngineering to obtain a deep understanding of their manufacturing and technical facilities and establish the boundary for the company’s emissions. By ensuring relevant data requests were asked of the clients operations, all scope 1 and scope 2 data was identified, gathered, and inputted into SINAI’s system in only 6 weeks.


Repeatable GHG Inventory Management

As PennEngineering was starting from a blank slate, SINAI led the client through GHG Protocol calculation methodologies, the appropriate global standards for GHG calculations, and demonstrated how the collected activity data was going to be used in the SINAI system to calculate the companies emissions.

With all required calculation methodologies embedded in SINAI’s software, once activity data was inputted, scope 1 and scope 2 GHG calculations were automated and GHG results were instantly able to be viewed by PennEngineering’s team. All methodologies and calculations were set up in a manner so that emissions calculations could be repeated in the future as new activity data was gathered.


& Results

By using SINAI Technologies, PennEngineering progressed from having no GHG inventory, to having a complete, repeatable, and auditable scope 1 and scope 2 GHG inventory across all operations in only 6 weeks. The quick turnaround time SINAI was able to provide to PennEngineering allowed the company to promptly respond to their customer requests with confidence in the data they were disclosing. Furthermore, the manner in which the company’s GHG calculations were set up in SINAI now allows PennEngineering to continuously calculate and monitor their carbon emissions for years to come.In the future, the client is looking forward to working with SINAI to build their first ever scope 3 GHG inventory.

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