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Boticário Group

Grupo Boticário, with its sustainability team, worked together with SINAI's climate change and customer success experts to conduct a relevance and materiality assessment, in order to identify scope 3 emission sources and activity data to develop a comprehensive GHG inventory. The biggest challenge during the inventory development process was data collection for new scope 3 emission sources.

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Carlos Almiro de Magalhães Melo
Head of Corporate Sustainability
BRK started using SINAI at an important stage in our climate change strategy. In only two months, we were able to engage several teams on the climate change agenda. SINAI presents carbon pricing in a simple and objective way and this was key to engage the board.
Rafael Oliveira Silva
Corporate EHS Specialist, Siemens Energy
With the SINAI’s software, our process has been deeply improved in the tracking, analysis, and decision making, since our emission inventory and results are available in detail and, accurately right after the data input. We are ready to move forward with the next steps in our neutralization journey.

SINAI Impact

SINAI enables customers to realize positive impacts from day one and throughout the entire lifecycle.

Before SINAI


SINAI Impact

Activity Data Collection Effort

50 Hours/Year

10 Hours/Year

Reduced 80% data collection time

Dat Collection Efficiency (Scale 1-10)



Improved 90% data collection efficiency

GHG Emissions Calculation effort

No Baseline

40 Hours/Year

30 minutes per quarter to calculate all GHG emissions across scopes

Data Accuracy (Scale 1-10)



100% increase in data accuracy confidence

Collaboration and Coordination (Scale 1-10)



90% increase in team's collaboration when inputting and verifying data

Scope of Work (Business Coverage)

0 Plants involved in GHG calculation

All plants involved in GHG calculation

100% of business coverage

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