The Adam Hall Group

Global manufacturer and distributor

The Challenge

The Adam Hall Group is a global manufacturer and distributor with comprehensive solutions for the entire event technology industry. Products within the Adam Hall Group's portfolio includes flight cases, audio and sound reinforcement technology as well as professional LED lighting solutions. The Adam Hall Group wants to promote the topic of sustainability within the event industry and be an example of how it can be possible to make business sustainable in the long term.

To set the Adam Hall Group apart in the industry, the company reached out to SINAI to develop their first time scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG inventory across their global operations. SINAI collaborated with the Adam Hall Group to identify appropriate emission sources to include in the inventory, and define an ongoing plan to continue to improve the accuracy of the scope 3 calculations. With a small internal sustainability team, SINAI delivered all results in an automated and cloud-based solution to make their GHG management capabilities repeatable, transparent, and efficient.

SINAI's Approach


Delivering a first time scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG inventory

Adam Hall worked with SINAI’s customer success and climate change experts to collect all the required data to develop a first-time GHG inventory. Throughout this process, SINAI identified Adam Hall’s determined boundary conditions, methodology, and emissions factors for the calculations, as well as identified relevant data sources and collection processes for the organization to adopt.

The biggest challenge throughout the inventory development process was collecting data for Adam Hall’s first-time scope 3 inventory. When considering all emissions scopes, scope 3 emissions make up more than 80% of Adam Hall’s emissions, which, according to SBTi, if scope 3 emissions are greater than 40% of total emissions, scope 3 emissions are deemed significant.

To support Adam Hall, SINAI performed a Materiality and Relevance assessment for each scope 3 categories to prioritize the data collection for categories that were expected to have the highest emissions. With a plan and guidance from SINAI, Adam Hall then worked with their finance, procurement, and sales divisions to collect the activity data for the calculations.

At the end of this exercise, Adam Hall had a clear plan of the data that needed to be collected, and the data sources that could be applied to complete the emissions calculations for all categories.


Improving scope 3 calculations

Due to type of data that was readily available, most scope 3 calculations were carried out using spend-based approaches. Because of Adam Hall’s commitment to sustainability, transitioning to more accurate scope 3 emissions calculations is a near term sustainability priority.

To support Adam Hall in their journey, SINAI developed a scope 3 improvement plan to transition spend-based methodologies to average-data calculations, particularly in the categories that had a large impact on the scope 3 inventory. Over the next year the main goal of Adam Hall will be establishing new collection methods to obtain the data needed to transition to average-data calculations. This will set up Adam Hall to eventually begin to engage with suppliers and support decarbonization within their value chain.


Integrating sustainability software into the companies operations

Since this was Adam Hall’s first time performing any sort of GHG inventory calculations, developing these processes in software was critical to provide automatic calculations and reports and reduce the time required from Adam Halls sustainability team.

By having all calculations completed in software, efficiency is obtained as the team repeats the emissions calculations on an annual basis.

This was particularly important for Adam Hall to establish a reputable process prior to German requirements to report emissions in 2025.

With SINAI, Adam Hall has completed their first scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions inventory in a manageable and automated carbon accounting system. In the future Adam Hall is looking forward to working with SINAI to improve calculation methodologies, and their decarbonization journey doesn’t stop there.

Looking forward, Adam Hall is partnering with SINAI to identify emission reduction opportunities they can deploy within their operations to reduce their emissions and contribute to a green future in the events industry.

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