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Introducing the Decarbonization Intelligence Portal

April 24, 2023


SINAI Technologies is proud to announce the release of its Decarbonization Intelligence Portal, a powerful tool designed to elevate carbon data analytics and reporting for companies looking to meet increased expectations around decarbonization.

With the increasing pressure from stakeholders, including board members, management, regulators, government, consumers, investors, and employees; companies are facing major challenges in effectively managing and disclosing their carbon footprint. According to a recent Deloitte Survey, climate change has emerged as a top priority for senior executives, even as their companies face major geopolitical and economic disruption. The survey indicated that: 

  • Climate change ranked second in the survey’s list of top 3 most pressing issues to focus on over the next year, at 42%, behind economic outlook at 44%, and ahead of other high-profile issues such as supply chain (33%) and competition for talent (34%).
  • Executives are being compelled to act on climate change from a broad range of stakeholders, with more than two-thirds reporting that they feel pressure on the issue from board members and management (68%), regulators and government (68%), consumers (68%), as well from investors (66%) and employees (65%).

The Decarbonization Intelligence (DI) Portal is built on the idea that companies can’t take action without accurate organization-specific tracking that takes into account both carbon and cash flows. To continue to enable company decarbonization journeys, we’ve integrated our Decarbonization Intelligence platform with Tableau to offer key features that enable companies to achieve complete visibility into their progress, governance, and planning including: 

  • Automated visualizations that provide detailed data analysis and simplify tracking for sustainability practitioners who are leading the carbon management charge.
  • Custom graphs and charts that allow users to easily track progress towards decarbonization targets across any dimension, and enable holistic insights for decision-makers.

This integration allows custom-built governance dashboards that help companies understand where team resources are being allocated and save time being spent on governance around decarbonization initiatives. This feature can help leaders optimize their teams' efforts and ensure that they are focused on the most critical areas for achieving decarbonization targets.

In addition, the DI Portal also offers a variety of use cases to help companies manage and report their carbon emissions more efficiently. For instance, the platform allows users to create custom reporting dashboards for frameworks such as CDP, TCFD, and SEC, based on their organization's emissions profiles. This functionality streamlines the reporting process and enables companies to stay on top of their regulatory obligations. 

An example custom-built dashboard in SINAI's Tableau integration feature

One of the most significant advantages of the DI Portal is that it allows companies to build custom dashboards that combine financial and environmental data. This functionality enables decision-makers to gain a holistic view of their organization's operations and identify areas where they can reduce their carbon footprint while also optimizing capital deployments and driving cost savings. By providing decision-makers with a single source of truth for both financial and environmental data, the DI Portal helps companies make confident decisions around cost-effective and robust decarbonization roadmaps. This is critical for companies looking to achieve their decarbonization goals while also maintaining financial viability and competitiveness.

SINAI's goal is to go beyond carbon management and enable Decarbonization Intelligence. With this new integration, companies can meet increasing expectations around decarbonization, achieve complete visibility into their progress, and easily track progress toward targets. Overall, the DI Portal is a comprehensive offering for companies looking to manage and report their carbon emissions effectively in a way that’s unique to their organization. 

Contact SINAI today to learn more about the Decarbonization Intelligence Portal and how it can help your company achieve its decarbonization goals.

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