SINAI Technologies Recognized as a Top Solution for Net Zero Strategy Development in New Verdantix Research Report

August 26, 2022


SINAI has received the highest ratings for Net Zero Strategy Development, Net Zero Implementation, and Customer Service in Verdantix’s recently released Green Quadrant: Enterprise Carbon Management Software 2022, which compared and analyzed offerings from 15 vendors.

“We believe SINAI should be shortlisted by asset-intensive firms looking to develop and implement a net zero strategy and firms looking for a flexible software tool that allows for organizational data management,” says Jessica Pransky, Principal Analyst, Verdantix.

Top scores

In addition to those top scores among carbon management software options, SINAI also received among the highest scores for Renewable Energy Sourcing as well as Contract and Carbon Financial Management.

“SINAI’s goal is to go beyond carbon management and enable Decarbonization Intelligence. Decarbonization Intelligence empowers better decision-making through every step of a company’s journey to net zero. It uses advanced technology to analyze and forecast a company’s carbon footprint by collecting granular environmental and financial data across the organization. These historical emissions are used as a basis for calculating baselines, which serve as a reference for calculating the reduction pathway. In short, our decarbonization intelligence platform gives leaders a strategy and a roadmap for the most cost-efficient reduction plan.” - Maria Fujihara

Source: Verdantix

Net Zero Strategy Development

SINAI received the highest score in this category, making it a leader for net zero software tools. Verdantix noted that SINAI's platform has strong capabilities in forecasting science-based scenarios, allowing customers to create and track a carbon reduction pathway using SINAI's low-carbon scenarios (LCS) module. The report also highlighted that the platform enables users to test the impact of different technology or mitigation scenarios on multiple decarbonization pathways and allows customers to easily identify carbon abatement opportunities, leveraging internal databases on abatement expectations, financial information, and qualitative barriers and constraints.

Net Zero Implementation

SINAI’s platform also received the highest scores for this category, which is a crucial category as global companies begin implementing net zero plans and tracking their progress. Verdantix called out SINAI’s low carbon scenario module here, with its functionality to create, link, and monitor decarbonization projects by comparing marginal abatement costs of different projects.

Renewable Energy Sourcing and Contracts

Purchasing renewable energy is a key tactic for reducing scope 2 emissions. Verdantix rated SINAI with top scores in the Renewable Energy Sourcing and Contracts category, highlighting SINAI’s location-based and market-based emission models to manage renewable energy sourcing, Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) management tool, and the ability for customers to incorporate REC or EACs in mitigation modeling and projections.

Customer Success

In its report, Verdantix also rated vendors based on the quality of support. SINAI earned the highest overall rating for the array of expert onboarding, implementation, and ongoing support its customers receive.

Carbon Financial Management

Verdantix noted that SINAI differentiates itself with a robust offering that allows users to define an internal carbon price based on shadow price. This capability allows customers to model and implement internal carbon pricing mechanisms based on internal metrics - capital expenditure, operating expenses, internal rate of return, and net present value - or external factors such as peer benchmarks, policies, and regulations.

“Through the platform, users can collect data on different low-carbon solutions to model the financial impact of their implementation, taking into consideration net present values, discount rates, depreciation, and other factors.”

Verdantix defined the evaluation criteria for the Green Quadrant carbon management software study using a combination of interviews with corporate managers, desk research, discussions with multiple customers, and staff expertise. In full, this year’s Green Quadrant analysis compares offerings from 15 software firms using a 103-point questionnaire that covers 17 categories of capabilities and 10 categories of market momentum.

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SINAI Decarbonization Platform

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