The 8 Best Sustainability Management Software Types for your ESG Initiatives

July 20, 2022

Rae Oliver

Analyzing ESG metrics and reporting is a complex, multi-faceted task that’s both laborious and time-consuming. However, for organizations implementing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices, it’s essential. 

Fortunately, there are numerous different sustainability management software options for organizations that need to track performance, monitor compliance and ensure specific standards are met. 

The following sustainability software automates processes and provides results with accuracy and speed, creating a foundation for accurate ESG decision-making. Keep in mind that this should be evaluated based on business objectives, sector, location-based and regulatory needs. For example, emissions-intensive organizations should prioritize software with extensive carbon management capabilities whereas fashion companies or retailers often need comprehensive ESG software to manage social needs.

  1. Sustainability and ESG Reporting Software

Data alone cannot provide the answers you need. It requires organization, insight, and interpretation to illustrate a clear picture of what your current position is and what’s needed to move forward. 

Access to sustainability and ESG reporting software can help shed light on illegible patterns of data and equip you to chart your next steps towards meeting ESG regulations and requirements

If your company hopes to be approved by ESG standards, a software platform that packages your data into comprehensive reports is essential. With clear-cut metrics and well-presented data on your company’s ESG strategy, it will be much easier to win over an ESG assignee. 

  1. Sustainability Performance and Project Management (SPPM) Software

The process of attempting to meet ESG criteria can certainly be looked at as a project – a very complex and important one, at that. Using a form of SPPM software to help manage, compartmentalize, and track progress will not only speed up the process, but it will also generate a more concise result. 

SPPM software can additionally be used to help measure the performance of your sustainability initiatives and create more awareness around areas that need support. 

  1. Sustainable Product Development Software

If you work for a company that produces and sells products, you could benefit from utilizing sustainable product development software. With this type of sustainability management software, you are afforded insights, tools, and systems that assist in the designing of products with sustainability in mind. 

For example, if your company develops furniture products, a sustainable product development software program could help you in the reimagining of their design, development, and manufacturing processes. 

In 2022, thousands of product-based companies are revisiting their approach to design and finding newer, more sustainable ways to create great products. Sustainability software like this can aid that process. 

  1. Smart Infrastructure Management Software

The building and management of infrastructure is often where companies leak the most carbon emissions and environmental risks. Utilizing a smart infrastructure management software program that is designed to help identify problem areas and optimize systems for sustainability can change that.

With this kind of program, your company can increase its awareness of sustainable infrastructure methods and apply them in a disciplined way. Using an asset such as smart infrastructure management software can help companies drastically cut costs and reduce their carbon emissions rates. 

  1. Enterprise Carbon Management Software

Monitoring a company’s carbon emissions rate and consumption of resources forms an integral part of refining any ESG initiative. Until you know what your carbon footprint is and at what rate it progresses, you won’t be able to start reducing your load. 

Enterprise carbon management software programs are designed to help companies understand their carbon footprint better and manage operational roles regarding its reduction. 

Your company’s Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) will be a hugely influential factor in your ESG report. Without a proper understanding of where it lies and what its comparative risks are, assembling a strong sustainability strategy for the future will be nearly impossible. 

  1. Enterprise Energy Management Software

Similarly to an Enterprise Energy Management software program, an Enterprise Energy Management software system dissects a company’s energy consumption for the purpose of its improvement. 

This sustainability software type can help you manage your consumption of not just energy, but other resources too – such as water or petroleum. With a high-functioning energy management software program, making smart decisions about the future of your relationship with natural resources becomes much easier. 

  1. Collaboration and Communication Systems Software

No business in today’s world can truly thrive without a thorough and progressive communication system. Collaboration is key to bringing any project to life, and aiming to develop an ESG initiative is absolutely no exception. 

Collaboration and communication systems software programs are becoming increasingly popular amongst both remote and brick-and-mortar teams who seek to improve their collaborative efforts. 

Using this type of sustainability management software can be instrumental in the ESG initiative progress, adding structure, organization, and integration tools to your workflow. Use it to conduit information between different teams (such as HR and IT), and determine methods for achieving more sustainable workplace efficiency. 

  1. Sustainability Knowledge and Learning Management Software

And last but not least, we have Sustainability Knowledge and Learning Management software. 

This software focuses on enhancing awareness and education around sustainability and ensures employees receive continuously updated information regarding ESG protocols. ESG reports are like moving targets – the available data and requirements involved are constantly adapting to the real world. 

A software program that centers on sustainability knowledge and learning will ensure employees remain as informed as possible and prevent important information from slipping into the cracks. 

The Way Forward

In today’s digitally dominated world there’s a multitude of different software types available to help companies navigate the path to sustainability. 

From project management to multiple-party collaboration, these software categories can simplify your team’s approach to meeting ESG regulations and optimize your strategies for success. 

SINAI offers emission reduction strategies and climate trajectory modeling tools to enable your business to achieve its net-zero goals. Our platform provides industry-leading firms the ability to undertake granular-level data modeling and numerous database opportunities, including mitigation options and emissions factors. 

Request a demo of our software today to see how SINAI can help your business meet your decarbonization intelligence needs.

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