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Why we’re here
After too many years of denial, climate change is finally on everyone’s minds. While we deeply believe that our personal daily habits and interactions matter in reducing carbon emissions, it is no secret that a handful of industries are most responsible for climate breakdown. We do need inner change, people caring more about the planet, doing more for others, changing their daily habits and behavior, learning more about anything climate-related, but above all, we need structural change. We need big companies making better and more environmentally friendly decisions.

It seems that every day now, another major company is making climate commitments and setting emissions reduction targets. But research from groups like CDP shows we're still on pace to see 2.7°C of global warming, despite the fact so many companies have set 1.5°C targets. And we are running out of time.

We founded SINAI on the idea that carbon-intensive companies can’t change direction without clear advice that takes into account both carbon and cash flows. Overhauling an entire way of doing things doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how much we wish it could. Capitalism at all costs may be on its way out, but large corporations still have a bottom line and shareholders to satisfy.
In order to reduce the worst effects of global warming, we need structural change. Big companies must make decisions that are both better for the planet and cost-effective.
Working with global
Carbon-intensive industries must be held accountable for their environmental impact, but right now we are more strongly motivated by the harsh reality that there is no time to waste in helping them reverse this damage. Corporations urgently need support rather than judgement from the climate community. We need to work together.

Data should be thought of as a crucial first step rather than an answer. “A goal without a plan is just a wish” and data without insight or perspective is nothing but a distraction. This is what makes SINAI special. Our Decarbonization Intelligence platform makes insights actionable to help major emitters to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves, and ultimately, to preserve all of society.
Where we’re headed
Today we are announcing our $22 million Series A investment, and we couldn’t be more proud to have partnered with investors that are closely aligned with our values and mission. They understand the value we bring to society, and support the idea that diverse and positive businesses are a force for good, for people, and the planet.

The value we offer our shareholders and in turn, our planet, is driven by the tireless resource that is the SINAI team. SINAI’s leadership team is 55% women, our team is represented by six different nationalities, and we were founded by Latin-American immigrants. We couldn’t be prouder of our makeup.

SINAI belongs to a new generation of businesses that are doing things differently. We are not disruptors, we are thoughtful provokers. We challenge the status quo with an innovative and caring mindset that allows our minds to be connected to our hearts, as we build the foundation for a new Earth.
Our success is the Earth’s success. To us, they are one and the same.
Maria & Alain
Founders of SINAI Technologies Inc.
We passionately believe that purpose can peacefully coexist with profit when we focus on enhancing the natural capital of the planet, instead of destroying it. Each dollar that SINAI earns reverses climate change in two ways: by actively driving emissions reductions, and by increasing our ability to make a positive impact. Our success is the Earth’s success. To us, they are one and the same.

It is in this spirit that we push forward in our commitment to building the low-carbon economy of the new Earth.

SINAI Decarbonization Platform

Measure, consolidate and report on company impact
Project future emissions and explore business scenarios
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Low Carbon Scenarios
Organize and compare emissions reduction opportunities
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Carbon Pricing
Quantify targets, emissions gaps, prices, and budgets
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Value Chain Management
Engage your value-chain and find opportunities to meet decarbonization goals
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