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Siemens has set ambitious emissions reduction targets: Siemens Energy is set to achieve Climate Neutrality by 2030, Siemens Infrastructure by 2025.

Now comes the hard part - forming a strategy to meet the targets. To kick of their decarbonization efforts on the right foot, Siemens prioritized two overarching strategic initiatives:

Improve emissions data management,
accuracy & transparency

Evaluate & implement emissions
mitigation projects

These initiatives proved to be challenging; moving away from the manual and tedious spreadsheet inputs was messy and left data gaps.

An added difficulty for reporting, Siemens Energy and Siemens Infrastructure were using internal standards for GHG management, meaning inconsistencies with GHG protocol standards and classifications.

Without GHG Protocol Emission Sources classified and most emissions processes mapped, there were few actionable insights for operations managers to take corrective mitigation actions on.


Improved Data Management, Accuracy & Transparency

With SINAI, Siemens Energy and Siemens Infrastructure has first and foremost been able to move away from a manual emissions tracking process. In moving to a cloud-based, automated inventory, both Siemens organizations have described significantly reduced working hours on tedious processes like data collection and reporting.

With the help of SINAI’s platform and customer success team, both Siemens Energy and Siemens Infrastructure have constructed an inventory that has clear, and traceable emission source tracking that serves a single source of truth for all GHG data. Now, with custom emissions factors as their default values, these organizations have a manageable and most importantly, actionable inventory at their side.


Evaluating emissions mitigation projects

In creating an automated, easy-to-navigate, and holistic GHG inventory with SINAI, Siemens Energy and Siemens Infrastructure have created a centralized environment for emission management.

Whether on an individual or aggregated business unit level, Siemens’ leaders have gained an emissions management platform for site managers to see actionable insights and take corrective action towards deep decarbonization on.

Operations managers are now able to track and identify emissions trends in real time, which has created the foundation for collaboration across teams and departments to ideate and evaluate mitigation projects.

Rafael Oliveira Silva

Corporate EHS Specialist, Siemens Energy

“ With the SINAI’s software, our process has been deeply improved in the tracking, analysis, and decision making, since our emission inventory and results are available in detail and, accurately right after the data input. We are ready to move forward with the next steps in our neutralization journey. “
Siemens Energy and Siemens Infrastructure have found SINAI to be a trusted parter for emissions management.

They are continuing to use SINAI to form  strategies that will allow them to achieve their respective emissions reductions targets.

SINAI's decarbonization platform will continue to support Siemens in securing their place in a low-carbon economy.
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