2021 Year End Note From SINAI's CEO & Founder

December 31, 2021


This past year, despite the global pandemic, we’ve achieved impressive movement in climate action. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop and deliver superior decarbonization tools for our customers, including launching our latest Value Chain Management Module that is enabling companies to tackle scope 3 emissions.

The progress made in 2021 towards climate action is inspiring and motivating. Conversations and actions on carbon management and decarbonization are prevailing. But, while we’ve made strides this year, we still have a lot to accomplish to move the needle forward and reverse climate change, particularly with 3 key climate initiatives:

1. Abatement

Companies need to crunch the numbers, calculating the upfront costs and return on investments for implementing abatement opportunities. Most will realize higher returns come from upfront investment costs (CAPEX) in abatement opportunities, rather than increasing OPEX for buying carbon credits or removals. 

2. Collaboration

Corporate sustainability teams have historically been siloed, but this needs to change. Cross-team collaboration will become necessary for companies to successfully execute decarbonization initiatives. Collaboration must become the new normal.

3. Strategy

Companies need to operationalize decarbonization strategies that are robust and focus more on achieving true decarbonization than setting ambitious targets or commitments.

The SINAI team looks forward to continuing to empower leaders in the transition to a low carbon economy. Let’s make 2022 count!

SINAI Decarbonization Platform

Measure, consolidate and report on company impact
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Project future emissions and explore business scenarios
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Low-Carbon Scenarios
Model emissions reduction
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Quantify targets, emissions gaps, prices, & budgets
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Value Chain Management
Work with your
supply chain to decarbonize
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